Stress Management

Stress Management looks at different attitudes, behaviour patterns, life skills, and coping mechanisms. These different aspects of stress management combine together to produce a picture of how individuals react to stress in their lives. The client is helped to look at how to reduce stress as well as learning techniques to help cope with aspects in life that cause stress. The Stress management programme looks at thoughts, feelings, skills, behaviour, lifestyles and helps the client change by improving and using new ways of looking at or handling life.

Stress counselling forms part of the stress management process where the client is offered the opportunity to explore how stress is caused in their life and looking at things from different perspectives discovering opportunities and ways to reduce stress. Learning to find ways to find internal calm using techniques that will turn off the stress response also form part of Stress management.

Not everyone is born with good stress management techniques or life has become difficult and what used to work may no longer be effective. Learning different techniques and strategies will give the client or course participant ways to manage their life in better ways.

It is always advisable to seek medical help if you are concerned or worried about symptoms