Healing for Animals

Healing for animals is as effective as it is for humans. Reiki is a therapy that works very well along side veterinary treatment by enhancing healing, easing pain within the animal. Reiki is a wonderful healing energy that can be given to any animal domestic and wild; animals soon sense the Reiki energy and appreciate the healing it gives them.

An animal does not have to be handled during treatment as it can be done either hands on/hands off or via distant healing.  This is very useful when an animal is nervous, timid, afraid or in pain. Reiki can do the animal no harm it is a holistic therapy that does not cause discomfort or stress during the treatment.

Reiki can help to alleviate the discomfort and side effects of some treatments; it can assist in healing post operatively. For the older animal it can aid in pain management and joint problems such as arthritis.  For animals at the end of their life or who are terminally ill it can help to ease anxiety, stress, fear and pain, it will also help with the grief of the owner and other animals within the group or family.

Animals are receptive to the healing energy and will often move closer or move their body so the healing can be given in a particular spot.  The animal may yawn, sigh, scratch, groom, or just go to sleep.  An animal may often just get up and move away when it has had enough of the treatment.

Please note

1966 Veterinary Act prevents anyone other than a qualified vet from diagnosing and treating an animal.  Contact and distant healing of animals is permitted and Reiki healing falls within this description.

Please seek advice from your vet before undertaking healing for your pet.