Coaching Life Skills

Coaching Life Skills  is an interactive process where the coach guides and facilitates the client’s progress towards defined goals and behaviour change. To use an analogy the client is the traveller with the coach as the travel guide on the journey. The idea is that the coach finds different routes and shows different ways to travel as well as helping the client to avoid road blocks, traffic jams, delays and set backs.

Coaching life skills approach helps the client to identify what they want to achieve, whether it is in their personal, professional or public life. The coach supports the client throughout the process of change to achieve their goals, helping to keep the client focused and on track to overcome any challenges. This process also helps the client to develop skills and strategies to help them meet life challenges and events building up soft skills and improving emotional intelligence.

It is easy to struggle on wondering why we can’t achieve our goals or change behaviour.  The Coaching life skills approach helps to explore if our goals are realistic and achievable. It also helps us to understand how thinking, emotions and stress can affect day to day living, motivation, confidence and mood.


It is always advisable to seek medical help if you are concerned or worried about symptoms