Therapy is very personal, deciding what you want or need can be hard as there are so many therapies to choose from.  Some people prefer to have non interactive therapy treatments as a way to gain balance and inner calm. This can be a treatment such as  reiki healing, meditation, mindfulness or  guided relaxation treatment. One on one therapy can be very effective and help you to experience moments of peace and calm.

So often in this busy world  moments of stillness are so few. Spending an hour having a treatment will enable you to experience that feeling of tranquility and relaxation.  So many people do not appreciate that feeling of calm or relaxation in their day to day life. Having a relaxing treatment can help you to understand the difference between tension and relaxation. If this is what you are looking for then why not book a treatment and come and experience it for yourself.

However this type of therapy is not for everyone as some people prefer to have more interactive sessions such as stress management, coaching  EFT  and hypnotherapy. These one to one sessions are interactive and help to explore issues or problems. The sessions help an individual to find strategies and techniques to help to cope with day to day life. Sometimes just having  somewhere to  talk things through can help.