Teaching Biography

My first career was in the NHS as a cardiac technician, this role involved me teaching staff to do ECG tests on patients and teaching student technicians. In 1983 I trained as a keep fit teacher with the Keep fit association I gained the stage 1 teachers assessment and taught for 6 months in adult education. I went to live in Holland for 5 years so was unable to take the second stage of qualification. I taught keep fit to the British community in Holland while resident there privately.

On my return to the UK I trained as a therapist initially as a hypnotherapist and later in Stress Management. Part of the stress management training involved teaching groups in the private and voluntary sector. I undertook volunteer training with Turning Point in alcohol counselling.

In 1994 I was approached by the Local community education team(North East Essex) and asked to teach counselling skills. I taught  the central school of counselling skills course and was encouraged to develop my own Open College course in counselling skills. I had two courses accredited through the Open College, counselling skills and advanced counselling skills. I also taught a six week course in assertiveness. I undertook my Adult Education Certificate with North East Essex community college.

In 1997 I was approached by a local disability charity to become their training coordinator to help develop disabled people to be able to deliver disability awareness training. I was involved in recruiting, developing, training and supporting disabled people to be competent and skilled in delivering disability awareness.

At the same time as teaching in adult education and subsequently the charity PULSE I was also running workshops in the private and voluntary sector in Stress Management and Assertiveness. I gave up teaching in community education in 1998 and the funding ran out for Pulse at the end of 2000. At the same time I saw people on a one to one basis at home privately.

At the beginning of 2001 I was recruited by the new Stop Smoking service in the NHS (North Essex Health Authority) to be a part time Specialist Smoking Cessation Advisor. This role involved me in co developing stop smoking training to deliver to health professionals, running stop smoking groups and to help individuals on a one to one basis. At the same time as working for the NHS I continued to deliver private workshops to companies such as Hazelwoods foods, Colchester Council and the voluntary sector.

In 2002 I relocated to Somerset. I continued in the NHS as a part time stop smoking specialist advisor first for Banes Primary Care Trust then in North Somerset Primary Care Trust. I continued with private workshops doing stress and assertive workshops for companies such as National Express, Vernons, Mold council and Cumbria police.

In 2004 I began freelancing for primary mental health at Sth Glos Primary Care Trust. I taught on the depression and anxiety management courses, developed and delivered my own assertive course and helped to develop a life skills and stress course.

In my time with the PCT I was involved in staff training and development. I carried on with this freelance work until the summer of 2011.

In 2005 I was invited by the Health Psychology Dept at the University of West England to help to co develop the behaviour change module for the pilot of the NHS Health Trainer training. I was involved in the delivery of this training with three cohorts at the university.

In 2007 I left the NHS and decided to be completely freelance. I developed a self help course on the menopause with my friend and we subsequently wrote and published a self help book on the menopause called Little Less Dragon  Little More Angel.

I joined North Somerset Community Education in 2008 and initially wrote and delivered Life Skills. The learners wanted to progress onto other courses and through discussion with them I developed a course called Relax and Chill and one on Assertiveness. I have moved away from running workshops in the commercial sector however I still do work with the voluntary and statutory sector.