Relax and Chill

Relaxed and Chilled

Relax and chill

This course is to help you to learn to relax using different techniques and strategies.  Relax and chill is not just about learning to shut off for 20 minutes or disappear for an hour to relax. Learning to relax and chill is more about how to live more relaxed and chilled in every day life.   Through this course  you will experience and learn different techniques and discover what works for you. Learning to shut off the mind and go with the flow can take a bit of effort, however, small changes lead to big differences. Learning to have that internal tranquility and calm can reap huge benefits.

We spend our lives running  here and there everything instant here now with no pauses. We are constantly being stimulated by phones, TV and the internet. Time and space for peace and quiet are limited. We need to plan and find ways to create space and pauses to help find our inner calm.

Who might benefit –

  • People who are experiencing low mood or anxiety.
  • People who suffer with sleep problems.
  • People who have painful conditions or have problems managing pain
  • People with high blood pressure

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