The menopause and leading up to the change of life can be a difficult, frightening and confusing time for women. This stage in a woman’s life is often one that is referred to as “that time of life” or in derogatory terms like the “moody or irrational woman”. Women are often  badly mis understood when they are struggling with raging hormones and many changes in their lives.

This course and the book were put together by women for women. These were developed to encourages women to understand that the change of life is not an ‘illness’ but instead a transition to the next stage of life.  The menopause seems to be medicalised with many women not understanding what is happening in their bodies and why.

The book and course help women who want to know more about the changes happening to their bodies.  The idea is to empower women to take control of their bodies and encourage informed choices about how they want to negotiate the menopause. The interventions to deal with the menopause are many and varied and all too often women do not seem to realise that they have a choice, an informed choice, of the route they wish to take.

Men have found both the book and course useful to understand the journey that women take when they enter the menopause. It can be difficult for the partner at this time and the book has certainly helped a few husbands and partners to understand the process and what is happening.


Little Less Dragon Little More Angel: A Self Help Guide to the Menopause - Audio Book

This book written by Maggie Stanley and Chris Guyon to help women negotiate the menopause. Having entered this time of life themselves they decided to write a book to describe their journey and to offer information on how to cope both physically and mentally with the change. They bring to this self help book open honesty about their journey mixed with their humour and quirky slant on life.

Price: £5.99