Many of us go through life sometimes feeling stressed, frustrated, angry, anxious or even depressed. One of the causes for thie could be a lack of assertiveness. When our needs are not met or we constantly put ourselves second or can’t say no this can lead to many negative feelings and emotions.

Do you find it hard to get your point across or to be heard? Do you find it hard to say no? Do you always put others first and feel resentful? Then this is why you may benefit from learning about assertiveness.

What is assertiveness ? It is to be able to communicate  appropriately by being direct, open and honest. At the same time it is being  able to clarify what personal  needs and those of others are. Many of us do not know what personal rights are.

Another issue that comes up with lack of assertiveness is when personal boundaries are too flexible or too rigid.

How will it help me ?

  • To be more assertive in day to day life.
  •  To communicate more effectively.
  • To realise that personal  needs and wants are as equally important as those of    other people.
  • Understand personal rights
  • Have health personal boundaries