Pace for Living Courses

iStock_000002565780XSmallPace For Living is able to offer a variety of courses bespoke and in-house. The courses on offer are designed to help people to develop life and soft skills. Pace for Living is also able to offer courses that help with behaviour change and health problems such as anxiety, depression and pain.

Anxiety Management 
Fed up…? with worry and anxiety?
If worry and anxiety are problems for you and you want a different way to help you deal with these things that prevent you from having the life for you then this is the course for you.

Life Skills 
Life Skills will help you to understand how the way you think and feel can affect your lives physically and psychologically.

Do you find it hard to get your point across or to be heard? Do you find it hard to say no? Do you always put others first and feel resentful?

Relax and Chill
Learn to relax using different techniques and strategies to help build up a tool box of techniques.

The menopause and leading up to the change of life can be a difficult, frightening and confusing time for women. This course is designed to help women to explore and understand this change in their life.